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12 Electrical Engineer Wanted

مطار الدوحة، الدوحة تم إضافة الإعلان في 20:25, 19 أكتوبر 2017, رقم الإعلان: 100494210

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We are actively seeking to hire 12 Electrical Engineers in an ongoing construction project  in New York - Chubb
job Description

General Information:

May be considered a specialist in a specific hardware area or generalist in multiple hardware areas and recognized in their organization.
Significant domain knowledge of products and systems in assigned area. Plan, analyze, design, test and document hardware of high complexity and contribute to system integration.
Understand, utilize, and improve internal processes and tools for the development of hardware. Decisions may have significant impact on cost, schedule, and technical performance.
Act as a mentor to more junior engineers in additional areas including project planning and execution. Generate engineering estimates on complex hardware designs.
Estimate, track, and report project costs and schedules. May lead cross-functional / domain teams in a Project Engineering role. Provide input to technical & product roadmaps.
Bachelor's Degree in applicable engineering or science field or six years related exempt experience plus six years related exempt experience. Analysis - Demonstrates the ability to provide a logical, in-depth analysis of a problem or situation. Cooperation - Takes personal initiative to proactively serve as team motivator creating strong morale and synergy.
Dependability - Ensures that all details of a project are accurate before delegating to others.
Drive - Displays energy, persistence, and a positive attitude when working on most projects. Judgment - Bases decisions on factual information and considers alternative courses of action before reaching decisions. Listening - Consistently practices attentive and active listening and can accurately restate the opinions of others.
Relationships - Develops relationships with others that are based on trust. Writing - Produces reports and proposals that are clearly and concisely written.

Job Specific/Job Description Additions:

Design interfaces that link groupings of individual COTS products into integrated systems
Produce System Block Diagrams and Schematics
Design and produce documentation to build cable per company standard
Design electro-mechanical interconnect assemblies
Create engineering specifications and interface with third-party vendors
Provide monthly cost and schedule status to a Cost Account Manager
Relationships - Able to interface well with multiple engineering and operations disciplines on a daily basis.
Agility - Can easily change focus between high level system concepts and low level design details.


REQUIRED: Experienced with AutoCAD + to create schematics and cable assembly drawings.
REQUIRED: Experience with utilizing MS Office Applications.
REQUIRED: Middle East UAE Citizens required

Preferred: Training Simulator Design Experience
Preferred: Working Freelancer Contract Experience
Preferred: Lotus Notes experience

Product Information:

Product developed in Binghamton: Design and develop Operational Flight and Maintenance Training Simulators for the Construction Site, in Binghamton we focus on Ground and Rotary Wing simulators.
United States is a land of opportunity and every Applicant is giving a chance to apply for this job. 


Bachelor's Degree in applicable engineering or science field or two years related exempt experience plus two years related exempt experience. 

Additional Information

Any Citizens or Permanent Residents

Apply with your CV and whatsapp numbers for direct communication. Closing date for Applications Dec 09 2017.

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