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78 Room and store

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1,000 ر. ق
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This is big labor camp building for accommodation located in a community of Industrial. Compose of 78 rooms, 39 bathrooms, 39 showers and 9 kitchens all over the building.

Warehouse : Storage license 1350 SQM

Maintaining the good quality of materials from inside and out.

Easily located and accessible to main road, Store and mosque available near by.

Civil defense and any legality are ready.

Sewage, Electricity and Water are exclusive.



78 Rooms
39 Bathrooms
39 showers
9 Kitchens

Maintenance 24/7
Parking space


12 Post dated cheques
1 Dated security cheque
Agency fee applicable

Open Saturday to Thursday 8.00 am – 7.00 pm.
Visit us at : Salwa Road directly GSSG building.
Call us on. 667 - أظهر الرقم -

78 Room and store المدينة الصناعية -  2
78 Room and store المدينة الصناعية -  3

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2 Bedroom at najma

2 Bedroom at najma

شقق للإيجار

12 يونيو

5,000 ر. ق