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Cat package

الغرافة، الدوحة تم إضافة الإعلان في 19:22, 24 مارس 2018, رقم الإعلان: 100583790

180 ر. ق قابل للنقاش
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I'm promoting my special cat package for only 180 riyals , which will let you save up to 50 riyals.

The package includes:
handmade cat bed with removable top to wash, attached to it cat scratching stick .
Purina cat chow brand cat food, along side cat plate with 2 sides, one for water, and one for food.
Also, it includes hygienic cat litter, with a blue clean scooper.

Other than that, the package includes a towel for shower and another for cuddling .
A small carpet to let your cat rest on, and a small bag that includes 2 cat brushes, one small and one medium, a cat finger scissors , a blue cat leash, a cute tiny tooth brush, and 2 anti chip drops.

Buy this package with only 180 riyals, and let your cat the chance to live happy and safe.

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