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Computer Services at home or office in Doha-Qatar

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We offers unsurpassed Information and Computer Technology products and services such as hardware and software solutions to government and commercial clients to meet their technological business objectives.
Our team of experts is committed to providing and setting up the right technical solution at the most cost effective level with extensive attention to detail, to offer the best products and services.
We offers products such as:
o Desktop and Laptop PCs
o Scanners and Printers
o CPUs
o Modems
o Internet Cameras
o Power Supplies / Connectors / Adaptors
o Cartridges & toners
o System Components
o Hard Disk Drives
o Graphic and Sound Cards
o Network Interface Cards
o DVD/CD Writers & CD Media
We provide excellent services on:
o System Supply & Integration
o Upgrading / Repairs of PCs & Systems
o System Design and Analysis
o Software Development
o Networking
o Structured Cabling
o After sale supply
o Annual Maintenance Contracts