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External filter

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External Filter - Black HW402b

Aquarium external filtering system is made of only the highest quality parts and materials insuring a quiet, energy efficient, powerful and user friendly unit. With media containers that are designed to allow maximum filtering capacity, while remaining versatile.
The media containers can be used for chemicalmechanical, resin or biological filtering media.
Integrated onto the pump lid are tubing tap connectors, which combine shut-off valves, hose connectors.

1000L/h HW-402B Aquarium External Filter:

3 Stage Multi Layer Filtration.

Use in FRESH WATER or SALT WATER aquariums.

Built in 9 Watt UV Sterilizer to kill viruses and harmful parasites.

Integrated Push Button primer eliminates need for manual siphoning.

Quiet and reliable.

Quality Fittings (Taps, hoses & spray bar inc.)

UV light will also purify your tank of green water and make it crystal clear.

Seperate on / off switch.

HW-402B Aquarium External Filter Specifications:

Voltage: 110v~240v

Watt: 18W

UV Sterilizer: 9Watt

Pump Dimensions w/nozzle: 10" x 10" x 17"

Max Aquarium: 400L

Flow rate: 1000L/h