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Fully furnished hotel rooms

المنصورة، الدوحة تم إضافة الإعلان في 07:56, 15 نوفمبر 2017, رقم الإعلان: 100252337

الكماليات شرفة
أجهزة المطبخ
مجهزة بخزائن الملابس
تدفئة وتكييف مركزي
جمنازيوم خاص
جمنازيوم مشترك
غرفة مكتب
غرفة ملابس
غرف نوم ستوديو
الحمامات 1
المساحة (م٢) 40
مفروش نعم
الطابق 4

Available from 21 November 2017 for the time you request For.
It is a studio in a prestigious hotel with private bathroom .Fully furnished from all furniture, house ware and households.
Furniture contains bed king size, wardrobe, chandeliers, sofa, chairs and tables.
It is in Almontazah plaza Hotel next to almera shopping Centre and Apollo clinic in AL Mansoura Area
Price is Qtr. 4000 free to stay the period you request for.
Just proceed to the reception ask them to show you twin bedroom and suite room.
24 hours’ services for all guests.
TV flat screen, fridge, small and big mirrors, pictures, curtains, well decorate place and split AC.
Free wireless, cable internet and free satellite.
Facilities: Daily cleaning service, offering daily bath towel and pillow covers and changing of the cover sheets.
Free maintenance and service available 24/24.
Free Lobby uses, well-furnished and big space,
Restaurant, refreshments, laundry and taxi services are available with fees charges.
Free using swimming pool in the same building and gymnasium.
Free water and electricity
Almeera shopping Centre is next to the hotel and all needed stuff available in the outlets near to the hotel.
It is near to all vital places in Doha city also it could be use by one or two persons.
Easy to find a parking around the hotel, it is not crowded area.
staying short and long period is acceptable.
Available from 1 December 2017
No commission
Prices are fixed and unchangeable.
Feel free to work with honest and professional people.
Monthly payment in advance
Clean, honest and good person
Nationalities: Arabs, Asian, European, Americans, Canadian and Australian.
location in AL Mansoura next to Almera shopping center and Apollo clinic
Free to stay the period you request through a deal and agreement procedures
You can use for daily charges (Qtr. 150 per day). Thanks and you are most welcome.

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إعلانات هذا المستخدم adam

sharing in twin bed room in the hotel

sharing in twin bed room in the hotel

غرف للإيجار

1 نوفمبر

1,900 ر. ق

قابل للنقاش
single sharing in twin bed hotel rooms

single sharing in twin bed hotel rooms

غرف للإيجار

24 أكتوبر

2,000 ر. ق

4,000 ر. ق

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