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Generic Non Contact Infrared IR Thermometer Temperature Laser Gun Poin

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Generic Non Contact Infrared IR Thermometer Temperature Laser Gun Point LCD


1)Human Body Temperature: taking human body temperature, such as infants,
the senior people and the grow-ups, etc.
2)Animal Temperature: taking animal’s temperature, such as cat, dog and other pets,
chicken, duck, pig, horse, cow, sheep and other poultry.
3)Surface Temperature: taking surface temperature of liquid and solid,
such as water temperature for infant’s bath, milk temperature inside the bottle,
and laptop temperature,etc.
4)Ambient Temperature: taking indoor and outdoor temperature.
5)Industrial Temperature: taking the temperature of industrial site,
such as mold temperature for injection mold, and temperature of mechanical axis, etc.

Product Features:

1)Fast and Accurate
2)No radiation: Just receive the infrared radiation generated by the human body without radiation by itself.
It causes no effects on the human body or object. 3)Non contact: Just take the temperature of forehead
without contacting skin to avoid cross infection.
4)Multi-purpose: takes temperature of the human body , animal, room,liquid, solid and industrial sites.
5)Long duration: With two AAA batteries, can be used more than 5000 times
6)Measuring distance: Feasible to be used within 5cm-15cm, no fixed distance required.
7)Unit change: Can be displayed in Fahrenheit Scale or Celsius Scale.
8)Setting modification: Can change default setting for different race(like white,black,yellow races).
9)Temperature alert: Can set the alert temperature as you want.
10)Intelligent Display: Big back-lighted digital screen, easy to read with graphic.
11)Data storage:Can store 32 groups of historical measurement data, to facilitate analysis and comparison.