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لقد انتهت صلاحية الإعلان، ولكن وجدنا إعلانات مشابهة في فلل للبيع .

House in Azerbaijan

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Dear Arab sister and my brothers. I invite you to buy a 5-room villa in the most beautiful part of Azerbaijan in Shamaky city. There are different kinds of fruit trees in the house area.(Nut, grape, hazel,date,apple, quince etc.) the most humid black land in the world is belong to this region. There are 9 climate type and 4 seasons (summer, spring, winter, autumn) that are not anywhere else in the world. Winter is quite snowy, spring is sunny and rainy, summer is calmly, autumn is foggy. The cleanest air, underground waters, mineral springs, treatment centers in the world is here. The house is located on the slopes of the mountain. 5 km distance to the forest( Pirkhulu forest), 118 km distance to the sea (Caspian Sea). To Capital Baku is the nearest city. There are many rivers and lakes. There are various rare and endemic animals. One of the oldest and most magnificent mosques in the world is here. Whats up 994 - أظهر الرقم - 0,