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Lego Creator

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600 ر. ق
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Lego 10226 - Biplan Sopwith Camel britannique. complete with 883 pieces
Fixed price not negotiable 600 QR, bought 1000 QR! built once, exposed and partially dismounted.
Sopwith Camel LEGO CREATOR 10226. Recreate your own element of aviation history with Sopwith Camel. A detailed replica of one of the most famous biplanes at a British place in history. Includes a rotating propeller and realistic engine cylinders, articulated rear rudder, realistic tension cables, working tail fins, and rear flaps that can be controlled from the cockpit: more real than life! The details do not stop here: this authentic model includes more than 880 bricks, including rare dark green, dark brown and silver metallic elements. Features include rotating propeller and engine cylinders, articulated rear rudder, working tail fins, and rear flaps that can be controlled from the cockpit Includes rare dark green, dark brown, and metallic silver elements Recreate an era of the history of aviation! Rotate the propellers and watch the cylinders spin! The model is over 40 cm long and has a wingspan of 50 cm Pieces: 883
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