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Luxurious furniture

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Excellent quality , Very high standard and luxurious New furniture flower one and black and white to enter your home in a very peaceful pleasant positive atmosphere -one table plus 2 two white leather sofas you can put it as a L form as well plus one 1 luxury princess French Sofa with its cushion very long and large from a big brand -white Bar with glasses and non alcoholic several bottles in the bar with two big nice leather high chairs of the bar -big black high ending luxury Piano upright keyboard with its Black leather cushion seat and book for beginner - double huge curtains suits for any house in Qatar with its trains and white black/out for the sun plus white organza transparent all this with its several cushions and table set with the same set chairs like the curtains and cushions -3 big brands carpets - real high quality cow black leather big one black and white -an extremely smooth all white mouton leather very luxurious and brand one -a pink nice big carpet -three big plants with three smaller plants and long life one -three canvas painting huge one that just gives you a positive vibes in your house all nature it looks like Real - a canvas painting Paria city of france masterpiece - a smaller canvas painting photo of NY city - a cute automatic aquarium with an automatic touch blue and white light and oxygen System plugged with 3 full boxes for fishes -HiFi Stereo big brand new one with two big speakers . 500 - أظهر الرقم - very urgent serious people only -Thank you