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Marriage certificate attestation in Qatar

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Qatar is an independent country in the Arab region. The country is known for its rich economy, its history and importantly its tourist destinations. Millions of people from all over the world come to Qatar to experience this beauty of Qatar. It is necessary to get your marriage certificates attested if you wish to take a family visa and move to Qatar. Marriage certificate attestation in Qatar is authentication done to your marriage certificates so that it can be used in Qatar. Marriage certificate is a document showing the legal relation between two individuals. The certificate is a witness that your marriage has taken place.

Documents to be produced for getting marriage certificate attestation
• Original marriage certificate
• Passport copy

Marriage certificate attestation Qatar is obligatory for travelling to Qatar with your spouse. The marriage certificate attestation comes under the head of Non-Educational Certificate attestation.
It is a legal affirmation that the certificate you have is authentic and real. It is to show the relationship with the person you are taking along with you to Qatar.
Some mandatory processes that you need to do for getting your marriage certificates attested:

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