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ONE BHK for rent at LUQTA area near to SOUQ AL ALI market ..

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one big bed room

one big hall

one big bathroom and big kitchen with compltetely separate entrance of villa part first floor .

neat and clean one BHK portion for rent ...

rent includes water and electricity


near to souq al ali market and near to passport roundabout al luqta area....

call me on 744 - أظهر الرقم - ..

family indian or asian prefferred....

and the rooms are unfurnished .... only ac available....
present the furniture is belongs to the tenant.
room is availble from 605 - أظهر الرقم - and ready to occupy..


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one BHK for rent at LUQTA area near to SOUQ AL ALI market.

2,700 ر. ق

قابل للنقاش
2 BHK for rent at AL LUQTA near to SOUQ AL ALI market area.

3,700 ر. ق

قابل للنقاش