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Our all furniture is brand new and good quality. Very chief price. Our furniture item is there are:- 1. Steel Bunk Bad Black ( Double / single),  steel Bunk Bad silver colour ( double / single,  wood and steel ( double / single).follding bad 90*190 single2.  Madical mattress size- 90* 190*7cm,10cm,12cm,15cm have and other madical mattress Big size / Queen size any thikness have. Foam( sponge) size 90*190* 5cm/7cm have.90*190 with plastic 7cm have.3. Pillow ( Normal, madical pillow, cotton pillow)  have.4. Blanket ( Normal quality / good quality)  any size have.5. Comforter ( normal quality / good quality)  any size have.6. Bad sheet ( normal and good quality)  any size have.7. Steel cabinet  one door ( locker)/ two door ( locker),  steel file cabinet have.8. Wood and cabinet one door/ two door / three door/ four door have.9. Side box( table) 10. Plastic chair with handle and without handle (good quality and normal quality)  have.   We are the home dalivary but it's charge is extra.but no problem we are the  discount price.  

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