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Private Personal Trainer

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In home personal training
Lose weight, Tone up and build Muscle Faster.

Are you looking for a coach for you, for your kids for your family ?

You want to get fit, build your body, have a great abs !
Are you tired of being skinny ?
Are you tired of being over weight ?

The personal trainer is the solution you need...
The personal trainer ensure the best possible results...
You can workout with your personal trainer at your home, at your compound gym... !! Whereever you like !!

Yes, if you don't have time to go to the Gym than give a call and the gym will come to you.

Your personal trainer comes to your location bringing the equipement that you need during the programme.

Qualifications :
* Physical education teacher
* Fitness trainer
* Bodybuilding and muscle strengthening trainer
* Personal trainer
* Volley-ball trainer

Speaking languages :
* Arabic first language
* English fluent
* French fluent

Rate per hour 135 Qr

Rate per month 1500 Qr

For more details call/what's app/viber : 664 - أظهر الرقم -


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