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Safari baby gym

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This sensory safari baby gym from Bright Starts allows your baby to discover and explore new sights and sounds while developing their cognitive, sensory and motor skills. The unique design allows the mat to configure to all your baby's play needs whilst also acting as a barrier to keep them safe. The lights and music are baby-motion or parent activated for over 20 minutes of continuous play. A removable prop pillow is also included for tummy-time fun, and the electronic marquee toy will attach to Baby's Play Place and most cribs. 10 fun toys can be attached around the mat and bars so there are plenty of exciting options to keep your baby engaged. This include 6 FunLinks for the option of attaching even more toys. Includes:
• Mat
• 2 x arches
• Plush giraffe with rattle
• Baby-safe mirror
• Monkey bead chaser
• 2 x Fabric toys with crinkle
• 2 x Leaf-shaped teether cloud rattle
• 6 x Links for attaching more toys
• Dimensions: H 46 x W 119 x D 102 cm

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