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Scholl Foot Spa/Massager

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Scholl Retreat for the Feet

The first complete salon pedicure experience in the comfort of your own home
Cleanse and soothe: 3 settings including heat, massage and bubbles
Touch-Toe controls for ease of use
Curved bubble release strip to treat your feet to a Jacuzzi bath
2 sets of heel and toe relaxers to focus massage on key stress areas
Stimulating nodes in the base of the spa to relax feet
Revitalise: 3 motorised rotating massage attachments to focus massage on the soles of the feet: pumice stone, brush and rolling ball massager
Pamper: pat feet dry with the soft towel and moisturise with the Scholl moisturising sachets
Beautify: lift the central pamper board to a 45 degree angle to rest your foot, whilst applying polish or giving yourself a pedicure
Includes a pedicure set consisting of scissors, nail file, rough skin remover, cuticle lifter and toe separators
The perfect finish nail dryer: faster drying time for your polish

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Scholl Foot Spa/Massager الخليج الغربي -  3

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