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Shifting moving

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We do good price.
call me 776 - أظهر الرقم - .home, villa, office Moving / shifting. We are expert to move all kinds of bed room set Furniture. We have expert carpenter for dismanting and fixing furniture . Our service is available all over Qatar.

Services includes.

* House Shifting , Room Shifting & Office Shifting

* Furniture Dismantling and Fixing

* packing & unpacking (bubble rap packing for glasses)

* Pick Up & Delivery

* A/c maintenance & Shifting

* We have very skilled carpenter for dismanting and fixing

all bed room set

* We do the fixing new/cartoon bed room set

* We do fixing curtain

* we give the all household service

* We have trucks and pick up for moving anytime anywhere

* Non stop holiday

* Any time in the day

* Also we do the buy working & not working a/c.

* (we do partition and painting work).
CONTACT US 776 - أظهر الرقم -