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Super special items

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All items comes with COA ( Certificate of Authenticity )

# 50 Reyals Bill ( Qatar and Dubai Bill ) 24" Kirats Gold plated with COA
# 500 Reyals Bill ( Qatar ) 24" kirats Gold plated with COA
# Ace of spades appeared in the Master Scene of " Now You See me 2 " with COA
# Sony Clea mobile appeared in the movie " The Recruit " for Al Pacino cones with COA
# Piece number 309/350 pieces from " Titanic " comes with the COA
# Outfit worn by Gerard Butler in the movie " Gamer " with COA
# Outfit worn by Jason Statham in he movie " Crank 2 " with COA
# Fake 50$ Bill used in the third trick of the movie " Now you see me " comes with COA


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Note 8 for swap with iPhone X

Note 8 for swap with iPhone X


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