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We produce and ship, frozen meat, sell plot of land, other goods, pls

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Please send us product name, qty required, port of destination so that we can send CIF price, regards.
We produce and ship,
Animal products Animal casing, Beef puzzles, Beef, fruits, Halal frozen chicken whole, Mutton, Omasum, vegetables. Chocolate, tomato paste, sauce, ketchup, chili sauce, mineral water,
Auto parts Light and heavy,
Herbs Raw Medicinal raw herbs, raw materials,
Scrap Mixed plastic scrap, PET plastic used bottled bundles, Other scrap
Garments Sewed garments, under garments, apparel, cotton,
Real estate 10 marlay plot PKR240000/marla, 3,50,000/m, house 2M, ten lac, many more,
Construction Building glass, marble,
We buy,
Chemicals For preparing Wall interior coating, kindly quote separately for each ingredient per ton